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Magazine Markets May 30, 2009

Posted by Ronica Stromberg in Uncategorized.
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I don’t know if it’s due to the economy, the demise of print journalism, or what, but another children’s magazine let me know they are no longer taking submissions. InsideOut (formerly known as The Conqueror), a publication of the United Pentecostal Church International, sent me an e-mail saying:

Due to upcoming format changes and recent budget constraints we will be only publishing articles produced by our staff writers and will no longer accept freelance articles.

Magazines have gone in and out of business since I started writing in 1995, but the past couple of years seemed particularly hard for a lot of them.

Focus on the Family ran into financial difficulties and had to let go of three of its teen magazines.

Many smaller magazines such as Wee Ones ceased publication.

Ignite Your Faith (formerly Campus Life) is now an e-zine rather than a print magazine and doesn’t take unsolicited submissions.

The print magazines I’ve seen go to e-format typically end up out of business within a few years. I hate to see this.

I continue to give magazine subscriptions as gifts to children, and my children receive three magazines. One son reads mainly the jokes page from Boys’ Life, and my other son flips through the magazines, reading mainly photo captions. I don’t see a lot of in-depth reading. I limit their time spent on TV, electronic games, and computers, but I see the pull these have over magazines. Many of the kids the same age as my sons seem to get their reading time outside school only through texting or e-mailing.

What this means for writers in the long run, I don’t know yet, but I see the markets tightening now, which can make it more difficult for the new writer to break in.



1. Chris Pedersen - June 14, 2009

Hi Ronica,
Congratulations on the RWA contest and subsequent scholarship. I’m happy to see you in the blogosphere. We traded a few emails last fall while I was pondering submission of my inspirational picture book. You helped give me some courage.

I’m still working on my picture book–currently editing after a major re-write. Meanwhile I have been branching out and have written a few magazine articles (non-fiction, personal stories). As you point out, magazines have suffered lately and so I’ve found my potential for submission narrowing.

I did, thankfully, get accepted for Lonnie Hull Dupont’s next dog story anthology to be released September 2010. Yeah!

I wish you lots of fun and success with your teen books and romance novel.

Ronica Stromberg - June 15, 2009

Congrats on the dog anthology! This is a tough time to break into writing, but it’s that much sweeter when you do get sales. Glad to hear you’re gaining success.

Thanks for the well wishes and stopping by!

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