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Interviews June 22, 2009

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Debut author Katie Hines recently interviewed me at her blog, http://katiehines.blogspot.com. She conducted the interview by e-mail, which was great since we are both so busy it’d be hard to set a time to talk over the phone. I can’t remember the last time someone interviewed me by phone. Newspaper reporters, bloggers, whoever–everyone seems to be interviewing by e-mail.

I am interviewing five teen girls this month for magazine articles and was surprised when one girl stated she’d prefer a phone interview. My answering machine used to have a built-in tape recorder that served well for such interviews. My latest answering machine is digital. No taping. I actually had to use my early journalism training, taking notes by hand.

I disliked what this “advance” in technology brought me to, but at least I didn’t have to spend time transcribing a scratchy tape and getting blared at as I listened to the same parts over and over. Technology has its ups and downs and sometimes gets ahead of itself. Just now I did a spellcheck on this post, and the check marked the word blog as a possible misspelling.


The Call June 9, 2009

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I received a call last week.

For writers, the words the call are almost magical. Every writer waits for the call at sometime or another. The call is from an editor, offering to buy a book manuscript.

That isn’t the sort of call I received last week. In fact, even though I have two published books, three books under contract, and stories in 17 anthologies, I have yet to receive the call. Editors have always e-mailed me or written me when they wanted to purchase my writing. This is clearly understandable for my British publisher; the editor would have had to call in the middle of the night otherwise.

Even though my call last week wasn’t from an editor, it still brought me to my feet with excitement. On the other end was Jill Barnett, author of 17 million books in print. She called to let me know that a group of romance writers had awarded me with a scholarship to go to the Romance Writers of America National Conference in Washington, D.C., this summer!

I usually write for children, but this last year I wrote an inspirational romance, entered and placed in an RWA writing contest, and submitted the manuscript to one publisher. I’m thrilled to have the chance to go to a national conference where I can network and learn more about the genre. In today’s publishing world, a writer has four main routes to finding a publisher to purchase work:

1.  secure an agent

2. go through the slush pile (submit directly to editors or publishers who are open to unagented submissions)

3. attend conferences and connect with agents or editors

4. enter contests that lead to publication

I’ve sold all my books through the slush pile but look forward to meeting face-to-face with others. I’ve already booked my flight!