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State Fair September 5, 2009

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I helped man the Nebraska Writers Guild booth at the Nebraska State Fair. The guild has an illustrious history, starting with writers such as Willa Cather and Bess Streeter Aldrich. I had a great time with today’s Nebraska writers, sold a few books, and passed out my business card to people hoping to book me for school visits. A good, productive day.

I need to spend more time at my desk, though. I’ll be speaking at the Plum Creek Literacy Festival on October 3 to two groups of teachers and librarians. On October 4, I’ll be a featured author at the Lattes for Literacy event here in town, and on October 5, I’ll be presenting to 54 kindergartners, two classrooms of sixth graders, and a classroom of seventh graders. In all, I have six presentations to practice before early October. When I was a child, I had envisioned being a writer as spending a lot of time alone reading and writing books. That isn’t the reality anymore, if it ever was. I spend a good amount of time promoting my writing through public speaking and appearances, like the one I made today. A belated thank-you goes out to my high school speech teacher!



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