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Book Covers September 15, 2009

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Royal Fireworks Press, the publisher of my upcoming teen novels, sent me the designs they have planned for the covers. I’m thrilled with these!

A Shadow in the Dark

A Shadow in the Dark

Living It Up to Live It Down

Living It Up to Live It Down

A book’s cover can affect sales tremendously. People do judge books by their covers. I remember reading all of Judy Blume’s books as a child because I liked the cover illustrations so well. The cover illustration and title are the first things readers see of a book and may decide whether they look any further.

Authors who sell their books to traditional publishers usually have little say about what goes on the covers. When publishers pay tens of thousands of dollars to produce books, they work with their own marketing departments to decide upon the covers.

I find my new book covers intriguing. I think they capture the mood and mystery of each book well. Royal Fireworks Press worked with a new graphic designer, Tony McCue, and photographer, Robert Wilken, on the books. These guys did a fantastic job.

A Shadow in the Dark and Living It Up to Live It Down make up a two-book series. They’re inspirational books, but Royal Fireworks Press is a mainstream publisher. Royal Fireworks will be testing the inspirational market with these books. If the books sell well, I may expand the series. Right now, I’m eagerly awaiting the UPS truck that will deliver my author copies!



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