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Literature Festival October 6, 2009

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I spoke to all the kindergartners, two sixth-grade classrooms, and a seventh-grade classroom at the literature festival of a local Catholic school. The children and I had fun while discussing descriptive writing and practicing it by describing the ugliest sweater imaginable.  They asked me to autograph their festival T-shirts, which visiting Husker football players had also signed. (The players visited the school to read picture books to children.) Anyone who knows Husker fever knows what an honor this was! I was reminded of a comment from John Archambault on Saturday that the word author comes from the word authority. That was one of my first surprises when I became an author back in 2001:  how many people view authors as authorities. 

The staff at the festival was wonderful–well organized and helpful. One teacher said to me that she would have liked to have had the opportunity as a child to meet an author. I agreed. I don’t think I met any children’s authors until I became one myself. Many schools now offer that at book festivals or fairs they hold in the fall.

My husband, like many Husker fanatics, would have rather met a football player as a child. He still hasn’t quite gotten over that I was the one who got to spend the day with all of these football players–and I didn’t even take any pictures or ask for autographs.



1. R.Kelly - October 16, 2009

How did the Lattes for Literature go?

Ronica Stromberg - October 16, 2009

Fabulous! It was one of the most fun author events I’ve been a part of. Nothing to prepare for. I showed up. Other people showed up. We were entertained by Mike Mennard (Poet Laureate of Silliness), drank lattes, and ate desserts. I sold lots of books and mingled with fans and readers new to my work. I’d love to do it again.

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