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Critique Group October 18, 2009

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Saturday, I met with one of the three critique groups I’m in. I can see real improvement in others’ work. This group is mostly unpublished children’s writers, and I’m encouraging them to seek agents once they’ve written and polished their novels. The market has closed up a lot since I started writing thirteen years ago. Few large publishing houses will even look at unsolicited submissions. With the recession and staff layoffs, some editors who have been let go are trying to establish themselves as agents.  This may be an opportune time to find an agent. I would probably look myself, but I’m tied up with promotions on my two young adult novels.

And I was fortunate enough to secure a critique of the first three chapters of my inspirational romance from an award-winning author of thirty-plus romances. This was the first time I actually had a published author agree to look at my work. Usually, published authors are too busy working on their own manuscripts to take the time to look at the writing of someone else not as far along. I understand that. I get requests all the time that I have to turn down. So, I was thrilled for the opportunity. And I learned a lot. Now I need to rework those first three chapters before I submit them to the editor who requested them at conference. I’m hoping to get to that this week.

I am teachable and I do persevere. I think those are the two qualities needed most by anyone who wants to make a living writing.



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