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Networking January 5, 2010

Posted by Ronica Stromberg in Uncategorized.
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This past week showed me once again that networking pays.

After I sold a story to Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS) for use in their anthology, The Mommy Diaries:  Finding Yourself in the Daily Adventure, the book’s editor wrote me that she liked my writing style and encouraged me to submit to the MOPS magazine. I did and received an acceptance for an article this past week.

This isn’t the first time this has happened to me. Some publishing houses publish magazines as well as books and will use the same writers for both. A few years ago I sold a story to Encounter magazine, and the publisher, Standard, let me know that they planned to compile an anthology of their favorite stories from the magazine.  They wanted to know if I would sell them reprint rights for my story. I said yes. That story appeared in Encounters With God 2.

When I started writing, I focused on writing books, but I soon learned to expand my reach into the magazine market. Opportunities sometimes arise in unexpected places.

I’ve seen this in promoting my books also. After I signed books at a bookstore, a woman contacted me about speaking at a literature festival she coordinates. Just this past week, a friend of a friend called to inquire about booking me for a school visit.

A friend of a blogger I had networked with interviewed me this past week and has posted the interview and reviews of my two latest books on her site, “My Only Vice” (http://gravesok.wordpress.com).

And the editor of one of my favorite writing resources, Children’s Book Insider, read my latest book, Living It Up to Live It Down, and scheduled an interview with me. The interview will air in late January on the CBI Clubhouse.  I should receive a link to the podcast shortly after that.

Not a bad week. 



1. Charlotte Adelsperger - January 9, 2010


I’d say you have a good start to the year! Congratulations on selling to MOPS magazine. Also, your upcoming interview. Your material in anthologies is a plus as well. I am eager to read your two new books.
Happy 2010 to you and all who read this.

2. Ronica Stromberg - January 10, 2010


Good hearing from you. I still miss you and the old writing group in Kansas City. But I’ve been seeing your byline in Focus on the Family publications. Congrats!

I visited the HACWN site recently and saw all new writers. Amazing the difference three years makes.

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