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Me as Emcee? January 13, 2010

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My church holds a women’s brunch or dinner every fall and spring. Word got out that I speak publicly, and an elder asked me if I’d be interested in delivering the keynote address.


I speak publicly often—to kindergartners and middle schoolers. I have yet to speak to 200-or-so adults, which is what this brunch would total with the women, plus the men from the congregation who prepare and serve the meal. (The men always do a fabulous job of this, by the way, even dressing in tuxedos!)

Now I’m not saying I’d never speak to a large group of adults like this. To grow as a person, I need to take on new challenges. This really hit home about a year ago when I met with a childhood friend who had always been shy. She was now speaking publicly as part of her job. She told me she changed after a seminar instructor told her to write her accomplishments on a sheet of paper. Once she had done so, the instructor told her to draw a circle around her accomplishments. He said, “This is what you’ve accomplished doing what you’ve been doing. If you want to accomplish something outside this circle, you need to do something different.” She started speaking at company meetings and moved into management. Her story inspires me to step outside my circle of familiarity.

But I want to step, not leap.

I told the elder at my church that my books are geared toward children and most of the speaking I do presently is too. I know many writers who speak to large groups of adults, and I referred him to a couple of these friends. The church decided to go with my friend of many years, Debi Stack (http://www.maxedout.net/).

Problem solved.

For a few months. The elder recently asked me if I’d emcee the program since I know Debi so well.

Double eek. Emcees are usually funnier and livelier than the speakers. And Debi is laugh-until-your-stomach-hurts funny.

I told him I’d be willing to introduce Debi but don’t want to emcee the program.

I’m taking baby steps outside the circle.

It’ll be a while before I fill Ryan Seacrest’s shoes.



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