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Podcast Interview on the CBI Clubhouse April 15, 2010

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As an author of children’s books and stories, I’ve found Children’s Book Insider to be one of  the most helpful publications out there. I’ve maintained a subscription for years and made good use of the CBI Clubhouse, an online site where the newsletter owners provide podcasts and videos. So, I was thrilled when publisher Laura Backes said she’d like to interview me on the Clubhouse.

We talked mainly about writing for tweens and the inspirational market and about the promotional work I’ve done to get my latest books in the hands of readers. Laura has been in the publishing industry for years but said she’d never heard of anyone doing the kind of presentation I’ve been doing for kindergartners and first graders in schools (with the “You Be the Artist!” activity). She said she thought this was a great idea.

If you’re interested in listening to the podcast, I’ve copied the link below. Normally, you would need to be a paid subscriber to listen, but Laura and her husband, Jon Bard (co-owner at CBI), are providing this free to my readers.  Enjoy!




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