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Egomaniac Authors? May 27, 2010

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I took my sons to a library today to pick books for summer reading. We asked a librarian for funny books for my younger son and action-packed books and books involving battle strategy for my older son. The librarian recommended several action-packed books but had a more difficult time finding funny books.

She and I talked  about authors, and she said she thinks most are “egomaniacs” who “spend too much time in front of the computer by themselves.” Hmm.  At that point, I chose not to reveal that I’m an author. 🙂 I write under a pseudonym, so my library card doesn’t reveal my author name either.

Interesting perspective, though, from a librarian who has come into contact with many authors. Most authors I’ve met (and I’ve met a hundred or so) don’t strike me as egomaniacs. A few are prima donnas. And probably all writers need to believe in themselves to weather the rejections and ultimately succeed.

What I suspect is that this librarian has seen a lot of authors present at the library, mainly talking about themselves and their books. It’s hard not to come off as an egomaniac in a presentation like that. It’s one reason I’ve switched to presentations that involve audience members in exploring their own creativity and writing skill. No matter how famous I become, I want to be known for my books, not my ego.


New Anthologies May 1, 2010

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A new publisher of anthologies, Dream of Things, chose one of my stories for publication and for use as a sample story on its Web site. This publisher plans to pay authors a prorated royalty based on the word count of their stories in comparison with the whole book. Dream of Things would like stories on topics such as Coffee Shop Stories, Internet Dating Stories, Stories of Forgiveness, and the Holiday Season. My story featured on the site falls in the “Stories About Great Teachers” category. You can read it here:


If you’re a writer interested in writing for anthologies, you might consider submitting to Dream of Things. You can find more information at the site: