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Pay It Forward July 8, 2010

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I occasionally receive writing opportunities through networking. This happened a couple of weeks ago when I befriended a woman at a baseball game of one of my sons. She works at Back to the Bible, read some of my writing, and offered me the chance to write a Christmas script. I would be writing on spec, but if Back to the Bible chose my script, they would air it nationwide on the radio and churches might enact it during services or programs. I would be paid for my effort regardless but would be paid more if my script was chosen. Only one other writer would be competing with me for the contract.

I saw the type of gleaming CD that would go to radio stations and churches with my name on it, and I was entranced. But, who was I kidding? I don’t write poetry or plays. Just no interest. Still, I agreed to try to my hand at the Christmas script.

I was working for the Secretary of State during the week, so I had little time to work on the script then. When the weekend came, I felt no enthusiasm for the project. And I kept remembering a woman from one of my writing groups years ago who loved writing Christian plays and skits and had won several awards and contests for her work. Every time I picked up the CD, I pictured her face. I prayed about what God would have me do. I hadn’t spoken to the woman in probably ten years, but I decided if I could find her phone number, I would call her and see if she would be interested in the project. I had no trouble locating her and was talking to her within five minutes. She was so excited and enthusiastic about the work. I told her I would pass along her information to my friend at Back to the Bible (and I did). This woman now owns her own playwright business and, remembering I copy edit for corporations as well as write for children, she requested my copy editing rates for her own use and other companies she works with. I don’t know if I’ll ever receive any work through this contact, and I know I passed along a tremendous opportunity rather than taking it myself. But I think I did the right thing. I’m looking forward to hearing this script at Christmastime.



1. Sally - July 14, 2010

How awesome that you recognized what God was saying to you! Those times when we’re frustrated with what we’re doing, or simply not enthused, are the times when we’re not really following God’s plan for us. However, too often we try to ignore those feelings and push through on our own. What a perfectly drawn illustration of how God works in us and through us. Thanks for this picture of your servant heart.

2. Ronica Stromberg - July 17, 2010

Good hearing from you, Sally! With your writing background and all the theater work you’ve done, this might be a good contact for you also when you decide to pick up the pen again.

I do think God sometimes gives us difficult work we don’t feel enthusiastic about, but there are also times when we just need to step aside to allow someone else to have a go at it. I’m to the point where I don’t feel I need to jump on every opportunity that comes my way, and I’m trying to better discern work that’s a good fit.

I think my friend from Back to the Bible appreciated how I handled this. She asked to forward my writing samples to others at the organization, so who knows, maybe something more suitable will come up down the road. If not, at least they now have a professional playwright who’s enthusiastic about working with them on plays and skits. I’m thinking that putting them in touch with her may have been the extent of the work God wanted me to do on this.

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