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How to Read My Books Free September 25, 2010

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Occasionally someone will say to me, “I’d love to read [insert title of one of my books]. Can you lend me a copy?”

Other authors tell me this happens to them also. (It’s a no-no in the industry.)

What the person asking the question probably doesn’t realize is that authors pay for their books. Many authors can buy their books at a discount (usually about 40 percent, minus shipping costs). This discount gives authors the chance to profit if they sell their books themselves. However, most people are unwilling to buy used or damaged books for full price, so if authors lend out their books, they will likely suffer a financial loss.

A better way to read an author’s books free is to request them at your local library. Most libraries offer inter-library loans, or if a book isn’t available from other libraries, librarians may order the books. All of my books are available in libraries around the nation and can be ordered through bookstores, off Amazon, or, in the case of my latest two books (A Shadow in the Dark and Living It Up to Live It Down), directly from the publisher, Royal Fireworks Press.

I order other authors’ books through inter-library loans frequently. I may have to wait a few weeks for the books to get in, but I have plenty of books on my shelves at home to keep me busy until then. I get to read a book free, I’ve indirectly supported an author, and I’ve supported the work of libraries. A win for all.



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