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Teen Magazines October 30, 2010

Posted by Ronica Stromberg in Uncategorized.

Teen magazines have been closing left and right during the past couple of years, and few of the remaining ones buy fiction. The industry realized that most teens who read fiction read books. Teens turn to magazines for nonfiction.

Or they turn to the Internet.

Looking at my sales over the years, I see this corroborated. I’ve sold many profiles and articles to teen magazines but few short stories. The magazines that bought my short stories sometimes published them on the Internet also, so the stories received double exposure (and sometimes double pay). I wondered at the time if the magazines might lose paid subscribers by providing stories free on the Internet. Those magazines are no longer in business, so that may be.

I’ve found it important as a freelance writer to be flexible. Markets come and go, and readers’ interests change. The whole publishing industry is going through a major transition. I try to keep abreast of it to stay relevant.



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