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A Priest as Patron November 7, 2010

Posted by Ronica Stromberg in Uncategorized.

As is true for other artists, writers sometimes develop patrons. They may (if they’re fortunate) catch the eye of a librarian, a teacher, a reviewer, or even an everyday reader, and that person will work on their behalf to increase sales and promote their writing.

I now have a priest as a patron.

Last summer, I’d heard this priest helps groups with fundraising. He’s very busy, but I caught up with him recently and told him about an idea I had of donating my author discount to a school or group that might want to sell my books as a fundraiser. I’m not Catholic, but Catholic schools and churches are some of my biggest supporters. As an author, I visit lots of schools, and Catholic schools always prove to be great experiences. I was thinking that my offer might benefit a school as well as get more of my books out there.

The priest responded to my offer by saying he wanted to buy $100 of my books. No discount. Full cost. He wanted to approach some schools and try to sell the books through his own channels. He said he may give some away as gifts.  He told me he likes helping people. Back in his school days, he was unable to sell even a premium chocolate candy bar, but now in mid-life, he enjoys selling.

I was flabbergasted. I tried to get him to at least take a discount on my books.

He said no, that this was just a start. Just a start?

I’m still flabbergasted.

I have a priest as a patron.

Wow. What a blessing!



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