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Goodreads January 25, 2011

Posted by Ronica Stromberg in Uncategorized.

I keep a Goodreads account and post ratings or reviews of books. I rate books a 3 (liked it), 4 (really liked it), or 5 (it was amazing). I rated a few books 2 (it was OK) when I joined the site in June 2009. (A friend invited me to join and rate the books she’d read to see how similar our tastes were. I didn’t realize my ratings would be posted permanently on my Goodreads site.) I’ve since decided not to rate or review books I can’t honestly give at least a 3 to since the site is supposed to be about good reads, not bad ones.

I read about five books for every book I post on my Goodreads site, so the books I’ve listed truly are good reads.  If you like mysteries/thrillers, classics, contemporary literature, humor, and children’s books, you might check out my reads. Getting an account is free.

I’ve also joined a few reading groups through Goodreads. I get the opinions and recommendations of others without having to leave home. I can see how this could be invaluable to a book lover in a remote area. Some users also exchange used books and post their own writing.

In short, it’s a good site for readers and writers.



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