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Blog Tour March 2, 2011

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Young adult author and blogger Christine Schulze recently interviewed me for her blog, “YAB Authors ForEVER.” You can find the interview here:


Authors used to rely on book tours (giving talks at bookstores and other places) to promote sales, but fewer brick-and-mortar bookstores remain open or able to host such events. Borders recently filed for bankruptcy and plans to close about a third of its stores in the coming months. Traditional bookstores face stiff competition from online bookstores. Consequently, authors have fewer places to speak at and need to sell a lot of books at talks to even recoup travel expenses.

This is one reason virtual tours have become increasingly popular for authors. An author can go on a blog tour (being interviewed on the blogs of book reviewers or other authors) at any time with no expense. Readers can drop in at their own convenience, post questions or comments, and obtain ordering information for books.

I’ve toured several blogs (check out some of the blogs listed to the right under the heading “blogroll”) and enjoy taking questions about writing and my books. I found Christine’s interview offer particularly interesting because she is a young adult reading and writing for the same young adult audience as I am. She designed and maintains her blog with that audience in mind. Today’s authors increasingly need to be technologically savvy, and the ones just starting out are simultaneously developing their writing and publicity skills.



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