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Bookstore Giveaway April 6, 2011

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One of my favorite bookstores, Burlington By the Book, is hosting a giveaway of more than $500 worth of books written by authors from Southeast Iowa. My book Living It Up to Live It Down is part of the prize that will go to one lucky reader. Drop in at the store at 301 Jefferson in downtown Burlington, Iowa, to register. The drawing is set for May 1, 2011.

Independent bookstores like Burlington By the Book and The Bookmark in nearby Fort Madison, Iowa, are treasures. I love being able to browse the latest releases firsthand and get personalized recommendations from the owners. I often end up going home with fascinating books I was unaware of before stepping into the store.

In larger cities, independents also seem to be a place cats claim as home. What better company for browsing books than a contented tabby?

As a book lover as well as an author, I’m thrilled to be a part of this independent bookstore’s event. It’s enough to get a bookworm dancing! 🙂


Little Writers April 3, 2011

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I recently submitted a short story to a literary magazine and received a positive rejection:

Great submission. I loved the colorful voice and vivid, detailed scenes. Not really a TMR [The Missouri Review] style story, but good luck publishing it elsewhere.

Any time an editor takes the time to handwrite a note like this it’s a good sign. Most writers receive form rejections (the same worded rejection sent to all others rejected by a publication). The rejection I received gave me hope that my story could be published in another literary journal. I need to research more to find one that’s a better fit.

I had a story published in a literary journal years ago and would be thrilled to sell another. Typically, I write for children, but I also enjoy writing fiction and nonfiction for adults, both literary and commercial. Among the genres I’ve written in are mystery, adventure, romance, inspirational, and humor. I’m a “little writer,” one without a string of New York Times bestsellers or contractual obligations to write so many books a year. I’m free to write what I want. While big writers focus on developing a “brand” (a kind of writing they’re known for), I’m free to experiment. No pressures. No deadlines. No limits.

Years ago a friend and fellow author, Charlotte Adelsperger, said to me, “Little writers have more fun.”

Wise words.