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Little Writers April 3, 2011

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I recently submitted a short story to a literary magazine and received a positive rejection:

Great submission. I loved the colorful voice and vivid, detailed scenes. Not really a TMR [The Missouri Review] style story, but good luck publishing it elsewhere.

Any time an editor takes the time to handwrite a note like this it’s a good sign. Most writers receive form rejections (the same worded rejection sent to all others rejected by a publication). The rejection I received gave me hope that my story could be published in another literary journal. I need to research more to find one that’s a better fit.

I had a story published in a literary journal years ago and would be thrilled to sell another. Typically, I write for children, but I also enjoy writing fiction and nonfiction for adults, both literary and commercial. Among the genres I’ve written in are mystery, adventure, romance, inspirational, and humor. I’m a “little writer,” one without a string of New York Times bestsellers or contractual obligations to write so many books a year. I’m free to write what I want. While big writers focus on developing a “brand” (a kind of writing they’re known for), I’m free to experiment. No pressures. No deadlines. No limits.

Years ago a friend and fellow author, Charlotte Adelsperger, said to me, “Little writers have more fun.”

Wise words.



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