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EPA Award June 15, 2011

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A short story I wrote for Focus on the Family’s Clubhouse magazine won first place in the fiction category of the Evangelical Press Association’s annual competition in May. The EPA is the Christian market’s version of the Associated Press. Every year magazines and newspapers that are members of the EPA pay to enter their work in the competition. I was honored that Clubhouse chose to submit my story–and that it won!

Another story I wrote won an EPA award a few years ago, but this was the first time my writing garnered a first place award in the competition. As a children’s writer, I especially liked seeing a children’s magazine win.

I received the below pictured certificate and can add this award to my vita.

Since I didn’t enter my work in this competition, the award came as a surprise . . . one of the happy-dance moments of writing!




Writing and Other Arts June 3, 2011

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All the arts run parallel. I realized this several years ago when a nephew who’s a musician discussed his work with me. We were struck by the similarities of our fields, from agents/managers to queries/cold calls to contests and so on. Even now the rise of self-publishing mirrors the emergence of independent labels in music.

What happens in one art–whether it be song, dance, theater, writing, architecture, or whatever–influences and shapes other arts. Some authors purposely try to influence their writing by listening to the same song or style of music while working on a manuscript.

In one college study I read, students tried to match selected writings to the music each author listened to while writing. The students correctly identified the matches most of the time.

Perhaps exploring other arts and staying current in them can help writers to remain vibrant and relevant in their own field.