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Christmas Party and Book Signing November 20, 2011

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Note:  This Christmas event was canceled because of the continued poor weather and icy roads. The library staff and I are considering holding a similar event in the spring. (Surely the weather in Nebraska will be nicer by then?) I’m leaving this post up as an indication of the natural ups and downs of the writing life. The best-laid plans can be foiled by snow, ice, or any number of things out of an author’s control.

If you’re near Cambridge, Nebraska, on Saturday, December 3, come visit with me at the Butler Memorial Library! The library, found at 621 Penn Street (77 miles southwest of Kearney), will host me from 10:30 a.m. to 11:45 a.m. as part of a holiday celebration with patrons. From 10:30 to approximately 10:50 a.m., I will read my picture book, The Time-for-Bed Angel, and talk with young children about how an idea for a story becomes a book. Following this short presentation, children will have the chance to color sketches from the book while parents and patrons can purchase autographed books or discuss writing, publishing, and my books with me. (I will be bringing five of my titles, including the teen books A Shadow in the Dark and Living It Up to Live It Down, which can be harder to find without ordering directly from the publisher and paying shipping and handling.) From approximately 11 a.m. to 11:45 a.m. will be an informal question-and-answer time with parents, teens, and other adults. If you’ve ever had a question about writing or getting published and have never had an author around to ask, this will be the perfect time. I’ll also be taking questions about my books and my life as a writer and author. The event is free to the public, and the library is expecting a good turnout. Should a blizzard pass through, the celebration will be postponed to one of the following Saturdays. Hope to see you December 3!

Merry Christmas!


Why Authors Charge for School Visits November 3, 2011

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Sometimes people ask me why authors charge for school visits. They may hold the common misconception that publishers pay authors to speak at schools. Some alternatively believe that the publicity generated from school visits somehow financially compensates authors. The truth is authors who speak at schools usually either charge a fee or suffer a loss.

Authors have expenses such as transportation, hotel stays, meals, day care for their own children while they’re gone, and time spent preparing, traveling, and speaking on-site. That time spent on school visits is time that could have been spent writing and, perhaps, generating sales.

Books sold at schools seldom amount to enough to pay for an author’s expenses because authors receive only a fraction of cover prices. One bounced check or stolen book can wipe out the profit from numerous books. Any books donated to the library or classroom come out of the author’s own pocket.

School visits aren’t free. Authors see this, and those seeking to establish or maintain a writing career charge for their professional services.