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Redundancy in Writing March 4, 2012

Posted by Ronica Stromberg in Uncategorized.
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I’ve been reading a lot of government documents lately, and I find the authors often use several words where one would do. For instance, the words “due to the fact that” could easily be replaced by “because.” This kind of puffery slows down text and ruins the flow. Beginning writers may have a hard time detecting it because it even creeps into two-word combinations. The following redundancies could all be said in one word. I’m sure you can think of others.

  • absolutely vital
  • advance planning
  • basic essentials
  • brief synopsis
  • circle around
  • close proximity
  • completely unanimous
  • continue on
  • cooperate together
  • enclosed herewith
  • end result
  • final conclusion
  • free gift
  • identical match
  • new innovation
  • old adage
  • personal opinion
  • refer back
  • repeat again
  • sit down
  • stand up
  • sudden impulse
  • sum total
  • summarize briefly
  • usual habit

I worry that this inflated language will slip into my writing because I’m reading so much of it. And I remember how many years it took me to break the habit of saying “unthaw” instead of thaw. 🙂 On guard!