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Are Your Books in Libraries? May 3, 2015

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Today I have a time-saving tip for other authors and readers. If you’ve ever wondered whether any libraries are carrying a published book, you can easily find out through WorldCat on the Web. Just go to http://www.worldcat.org and, on the search bar, type in the name of the book. If the book has a common name or one that might easily be confused with others, you might also type “by [insert the author’s name].” WorldCat will show the number of copies in libraries and which libraries hold them. This gives authors a chance to see how well-placed their books are and helps readers easily find which libraries might be carrying a book they’ve wanted to read. Most libraries now have an interlibrary loan system, so even if there’s no nearby library carrying a specific book, readers can usually request them on loan.

I’ve searched for all four of my books using WorldCat and haven’t discovered a whole lot of copies in libraries. I’d love to get more in libraries. If you’ve ever wanted to read my books but prefer checking out library books rather than purchasing them, request a copy through your local library. They should be able to order it or get it through interlibrary loan.

WorldCat can also search for DVDs, CDs, and articles. Happy reading!