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Alpha and Beta Males September 9, 2015

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Lloyd and Ronica #1

Ronica Stromberg and her husband, Lloyd.

This month my husband and I will celebrate our 22nd wedding anniversary. You might think that since I’m a novelist and I’ve been married more than 20 years, I might try writing romance. The genre is perpetually in demand and sells well. I did try to break into the field a few years ago but discovered I didn’t enjoy reading romances much, less enough writing them. I learned some interesting things while studying the genre though. Probably the most interesting is the classification of males as alpha or beta.

The term alpha male comes from the study of wolves. The alpha male is the leader of the pack, the male wolf that dominates all other males in the pack as well as the females. In human terms, an alpha male is a leader, a man who takes charge and takes action. He is confident and tough and is often a loner. Because he dominates others and isn’t always attuned to others’ thoughts or feelings, he may come off as arrogant and needing to be taken down a notch. In romance novels, he usually falls in love with the heroine because she’s able to give back to him what he dishes out. She’s his equal and forces him to get in touch with his feelings and enter a relationship deeper than physical attraction.

The beta male is a wingman to the alpha, supporting him and the greater good of the pack. In human terms, he is less tough and more flexible than the alpha male. He’s more open about his feelings and easier for women to understand. He relates well to others and has many close relationships. He’s considered a family man. Outside the romance novel and in the real world, beta males often make better spouses because they are more sensitive and considerate of their spouse’s needs. They strive to please by doing more around the house (including the bedroom).

In the animal kingdom, the alpha male usually establishes his position through physical prowess, fighting or killing other males who might stand in his way. In romances, the alpha male establishes his position through social prowess. He has become the head of a corporation, a ruler, or a leader of men because of his mental toughness or sheer force of personality. A beta male can also be a leader, but he’s more likely to be in a caring profession (such as a doctor or teacher) than in one where he might be called upon to be ruthless and calculating.

Romances used to favor alpha males more but now are trending more toward beta males. Perhaps it is because most women work these days and can achieve position and power on their own so look more toward a man as a helpmate or partner (or at least like to read about that type of man in romance novels).

As for me, I’ve figured out that I live in a household of beta males. My husband, my two sons, and even our cat are all beta males. I wonder, does this make me an alpha female?

Naah . . .



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