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A Writing Secret: Writing for Profit May 21, 2016

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In writing critique groups, I often find that newer writers write more for pleasure than profit. They enjoy writing and want to share that enjoyment with others. Instead of seeking true critiques in a critique group, they’re often just seeking encouragement. I try to keep that in mind when responding to their work.

I need to because I write from a different mindset. I write for profit. The greatest pleasure I get from writing comes from seeing my work in print, even after having had more than 100 stories and articles and 4 books published. I may have once written solely for pleasure, but I don’t remember such a time. Even in elementary school, I wrote intending to get published. My first sale came in junior high, when my hometown newspaper paid me to cowrite a column about happenings at my school.

 I do find pleasure in the act of writing. Finding the perfect phrase to express an idea or emotion I’ve struggled to convey to my reader—or, even better, making my reader laugh—is an undeniable pleasure. But if I can’t sell my writing to respectable publishers, readership will likely be limited and the struggle to communicate to readers proves fruitless.

Writing for profit is work, especially when it comes to fiction. After having spent hours toiling away at finding the right words, I want to be paid for them. This is a much different mindset than that of the person writing solely for pleasure. And here’s a secret . . . More often than not, writing for profit is where most writers who have written for any amount of time end up. It’s seldom long before new writers enjoying the work of others want to improve their own work. They begin to take a more critical look at what they’ve written and see the flaws. This is painful but can lead to the deeper pleasure of writing . . . knowing their work is well done and stands a chance at being appreciated by many.



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