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Writing on the job May 12, 2018

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I seldom write for books and magazines now that I work full-time and write on the job. People I run into but haven’t seen in a while ask, “How is the writing going?” and always seem surprised that I no longer write much after selling four children’s books and more than 100 magazine articles and short stories.

I think I will get back to that type of writing someday, but right now, I’m building my retirement funds. Those 14 years when I wrote (both fiction and nonfiction) gave me a lot of pleasure and improved my writing skills and kept my editing skills current for the workplace, but they did nothing for my retirement years.

After 14 years at home, writing and taking care of my children, I had difficulty securing a job at the level I was at when I left. (I had been an editor at a corporation.) I discovered that positions stating applicants should have a communications, English, journalism, or marketing/public relations degree are often now clerical positions. They may not have the title “secretary,” but they have the same pay scale. I adjusted. I worked my way up from temp positions to a managerial/professional position at the state university nearby. And I get paid to write. I manage a National Science Foundation graduate program, writing all text for our website and recruitment materials, interviewing students and writing their stories, handling correspondence for the program, tracking the budget, and writing the annual report. I love my job. I’m getting paid to do things I enjoy.

So, I don’t regret those years I took off from the corporate world to follow my dreams and write. I don’t regret getting a journalism degree with an English minor. I knew it wasn’t the most lucrative route in life when I signed up. But life is too short not to take a chance on doing what you love.